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Hampshire UPVC Conservatories

Hampshire UPVC Conservatories has brought together the full range of building skills to provide outstanding manufactured conservatories with first class service and installation. We provide outstanding value for money that cannot be rivalled by their competitors.

Landscaping Your Garden

Aside from the benefits of providing additional warmth to the house and adding extra living space, a conservatory is an almost seamless gateway into the garden. It brings the outdoors in and with careful planning should provide an exotic haven where every view into the outside world is a pleasure.

Restrictions over where the conservatory is built on the property needn`t prevent it becoming the focal and central point of the house. Conservatory lifestyle is all about the outdoors, so a little garden landscaping can help connect the two areas.

Creating Pathways

Having a pathway leading through the garden from the conservatory draws the eye and invites an exploration of flower beds or herb gardens. Try to avoid straight lines in pathways, since curves and bends create an illusion of greater length and interest.

Make sure the path leads somewhere, rather than simply ending. Creating a focal point at the end of the path leads the eye through the garden. Focal points don`t have to be overly elaborate or expensive. Suitable examples are areas of trellis, a pond or water feature, or a favourite tree or shrub.

The Long View

The beauty of a conservatory is the wide expanse of glass that provides an unbroken view of the garden. When planning garden landscaping around a conservatory the main priority should be to preserve and enhance this view wherever possible.

Avoid planting tall shrubs directly outside, or if you have existing tall plants consider moving them. Likewise with retaining walls or garden hedges. Remember to look at the view from inside the conservatory from a seated position since this is how you`ll mostly see the garden from inside. The golden rule is to have the tallest plants furthest away from the conservatory, unless you`re hiding or disguising an unsightly area.

If you have a wall or fence, for instance marking the boundary between two properties, that you can`t move or lower, make it into a feature with hanging baskets, fixed planters or climbing plants.

Patios and Decking

By creating an area of decking or building a patio directly outside the conservatory doors, the conservatory area is effectively extended. With the doors open there`s a clean and welcoming walk or seating area that`s perfect for evening barbecues or drinks parties.

Introducing plants in tubs or boxes to soften the edges and corners, provides screening and adds that important finishing touch that makes the decked area look cared-for and complete. Having similar plants inside the conservatory helps to blend the two areas together and creates an impression of continuity, much like that achieved inside the house through complementary décor colours and carpets that lead from room to room.

Match up the planters and tubs with your existing décor style, for instance choosing rustic, wooden planters for a country-style house. Many larger, wooden planters are sold flat-packed for home assembly, but check that the screws are galvanised to make sure they don`t rust in damp weather or through the winter months.


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